5 Year Anniversary Recap

5 Year Anniversary Recap "All Aspects X Cole Younger"

September 26, 2015 marked our 5 year anniversary of All Aspects. We gladly joined the celebration with infamous photographer Cole Younger (@cole_younger_) and our artist Adam Licsko (@adamlicsko). We held a gallery/party to celebrate the strong 5 years we have accomplished and to also show off our new Wolfpack Capsule that we released at the party. Adam Licsko's amazing huge paintings were shown off and also Cole Younger's metallic prints and Josh Kim's (@fuckjoshk) work. With free tacos and alcohol being served at the party it was a great success with a great turnaround with our family, friends, fans, and many LA photographers who decided to stop by. We thank everyone who showed up and support us strong! We would like to thank the family and friends who has supported us and Allies Gallery for the spot. Huge thank you to Cole Younger for the collaboration and the amazing photographs. Here is some photos to recap the party.

Photos by: Josh Kim (@fuckjoshk)



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